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Trailer Sprayer Sprayer Control Center

Sprayer control center
with selector valve provides one location for complete sprayer operation.

Trailer Sprayer Extended Control Arm

Extended control arm
provides operator reach for convenient access to the control center.

Trailer Sprayer Implement Attachment Center

Implement attachment center
has been designed to streamline boom or boomless nozzle hookups.

Trailer Sprayer Performance Grade Poly Tank

Performance grade poly tank
roto-molded from HDPE is resistant to UV and chemical damage.

Trailer Sprayer Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Heavy duty steel frame
is built to last from thick steel coated with a corrosion resistant paint.

Trailer Sprayer Tank Straps And Cradle

Tank straps and cradle
secure the tank firmly to the trailer for top stability during transport.

Trailer Sprayer Hypro® Pto Roller Pump

Hypro® PTO roller pump
delivers brand quality performance, reliability and simple attachment.


Part #GallonsBoomCutoff
TS300-HAM/M300#20 Hamilton NozzleManual
TS300-1870FL/M3001870 FL BoominatorManual
TS300-28X17L30028' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300-35X17L30035' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300HC-35X17L30035' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300-BJ/M3005880 BoomjetManual
TS300-6R17L3006 Row Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300-8R17L3008 Row Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300-BB17L300Boom Buster Nozzle & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300HC-TRUSS-HYD300Hydraulic Folding BoomManual
TS300-TXB17L300Texas Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300-BXT17L300XT010 Boomless Nozzle & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS300-HAM/E300#20 Hamilton NozzleElectric
TS300-1870FL/E3001870 FL BoominatorElectric
TS300-BJ/E3005880 BoomjetElectric
TS300-6R/E3006 Row BoomElectric
TS300-8R/E3008 Row BoomElectric
TS300-BB/E300Boom Buster NozzleElectric
TS300-BXT/E300XT010 Boomless NozzleElectric
TS500-HAM/M500#20 Hamilton NozzleManual
TS500-1870FL/M5001870 FL BoominatorManual
TS500-28X17L50028' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500-35X17L50035' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500HC-35X17L50035' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500-BJ/M5005880 BoomjetManual
TS500-6R17L5006 Row Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500-8R17L5008 Row Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500-BB17L500Boom Buster Nozzle & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500HC-TRUSS-HLLF500Hydraulic Folding BoomManual
TS500HC-TRUSS-M500Hydraulic Folding BoomManual
TS500-TXB17L500Texas Boom & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS500-BXT17L500XT010 Boomless Nozzle & 17L TeeJet ValveManual
TS-500-HAM/E500#20 Hamilton NozzleElectric
TS-500-1870FL/E5001870 FL BoominatorElectric
TS-500-BJ/E5005880 BoomjetElectric
TS-500-6R/E5006 Row BoomElectric
TS-500-8R/E5008 Row BoomElectric
TS-500-BXT/E500XT010 Boomless NozzleElectric
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU B2049901
Manufacturer Best Way AG
Product Documents Trailer Sprayer Manual
Trailer Sprayer Technical Data Sheet
Boominator Calibration Guide
TS300-500 Views and Parts List
TS300E Views and Parts List