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DJI Agras T30 Sprayer Drone

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MPN: T30

Product Description

T30: Proven Performance

As the former flagship of DJI Agras fleet, the T30 has proven itself time and time again.

With a 7.9-gallon tank, the T30 easily outpaces its smaller stablemate, the T10 in large acre coverage. In ideal conditions, it is capable of spraying up to 35 acres per hour at a rate of 2 gallons per acres.

The T30 is equipped with 16 TeeJet tips and has a special orchard package available, as well as a spreader attachment.

When you’re ready to step up your game, the Agras T30 is your machine.


  • 7.9-gallon liquid tank
  • Electromagnetic flow meter ensures even and accurate spraying
  • TeeJet tips allow the T30 to cover up to a 29-foot swath
  • Up to 35 acres per hour at two GPA and 40 acres per hour at one GPA
  • 10.5-gallon spreader tank holds approximately 70 lbs. of material
  • On-board scale system used in conjunction with the spreader helps keep rate accurate while displaying live tank weight
  • Auto-adjusting spreader gate
  • Industry leading spherical radar detects obstacles in any direction around the aircraft, aiding in avoidance and minimizing crashes
  • IP67 rating throughout the aircraft ensures the T30 is protected against moisture and dust intrusion, increasing the aircraft’s durability
  • Autonomous mission planning makes the T30 efficient and easy to operate, even for novice pilots

360° Spherical Radar

The Agras T10’s 360° spherical radar system detects obstacles in all directions around the aircraft, regardless of wind or other weather conditions. When combined with the T10’s automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions, new levels of safety are achieved, even for novice pilots.

T10 Spreader System

Within the space of a few minutes, the Agras T10 can be converted to a solid spreading system. This system supports real-time weight monitoring and variable rates controlled through the DJI app. An anti-rotation sensor assists with accurate refill alerts to keep you working efficiently.

Collapses For Easier Transport

The T30 is BIG, so for easier transport, it can be folded for easier transport. When fully collapsed, the unit is up to 80% more compact than when fully extended.

Optional Orchard Package Enhances Capabilities

The T30’s optional orchard package is optimized for spraying orchards, or other rows of trees, by using DJI’s unique branch-targeting technology. With this, the T30 is capable of penetrating thick canopies to perform more precise and efficient spraying operations, as well as conserve pesticide, thus reducing operating costs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU B2091040
Manufacturer DJI Agriculture
Manufacturer Part # T30
Operation Manual T30 Sprayer Drone Manual