Online Warranty

Bestway, Inc. Online Warranty Process

Dealer Sign-up / Login (see screen example below)

Click on link:

Click on “dealer signup”. You will be prompted to enter your dealership’s information. Once you have completed the “Dealer Signup” you will be instructed through your email address to activate your account. You will need to change your password initially. Write this information down in a safe place.


Dealer Menu (see screen example below)
Once you have successfully logged in you will be brought to the “Dealer Menu” screen. From here you can choose any where on your account you wish to go. For training purposes, we will go through each menu option in order to familiarize you with its applications.


Dealer Menu Option #1: Warranty Claims (see screen example below)
This menu option allows you to fill out warranty claims and submit them to Bestway, Inc. We will go over the process of submitting a claim later. Only your dealer information will populate when a new claim is generated. Please read the attached “How to Submit a Warranty Claim” section for more information.


Dealer Menu Option #2: Registration Form (see screen example below)
This menu option allows you to register new machines. At this time, this feature is not available. Bestway, Inc. will notify dealers if and when this option becomes available.


Dealer Menu Option #3: Warranty Polices (see screen example below)
This menu option allows you to review Bestway, Inc. warranty statements and implemented policies. You will need to type “Bestway” in the search field and then click on the appropriate policy link.


Dealer Menu Option #4: Claim Report (see screen example below)
This menu option allows you to review all claims submitted and their current status. Each claim is labeled with a report number. The report number is also the claim tracking number filed with Bestway, Inc. records. Please use these report/claim numbers when calling about a specific claim filed online.


How to Submit a Warranty Claim
Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Dealer Menu screen as shown in the
above picture. From here, click on the Warranty Claims menu option located on the lefthand
side of the screen. A warranty claim template form will appear. This form will be
the basis for all warranty claims filed online.

The claim form has many places for required information though it is possible to submit a
claim without entering the required data. Be careful NOT TO HIT YOUR ENTER
until your finished filling out the claim form completely.

Begin filling out the claim form by choosing Bestway, Inc. as the manufacturer. It is possible that future claims will begin to populate with Bestway, Inc. however, it is a good idea to ensure the manufacturer is labeled correctly each and every time. Be sure the dealer information is correct for the submitting location. All remaining data fields are used to update the warranty claim’s unit information, failure, charges, etc. Please see required fields.

Though a claim can be submitted with out all relevant data, Bestway, Inc. requires the following fields to be filled out before a claim is processed. Claims missing the required data will be returned to the submitting dealer for completion. These claims will be in “PENDING” status when returned. Bestway, Inc. will add notes to the bottom of the returned claim asking for the specific missing data.

Required Fields: (claims will be returned to submitting dealer if missing the following)
Owner/Customer Name
Owner/Customer Address
Model – (example: FPIV 1600 Gallon 90’ Boom)
Serial Number – (example: 12345-10)
Date of Purchase – (as marked on original registration form)
Date of Failure
Date of Repair
Attachments Added – (example: Foam Marker, Swath Control, Height Control, etc.)
Description of Failure – (must be detailed in describing all aspects of failure AND repair)
Part Number – (if not Bestway, then proof of purchase is required)
Part Description
Part Quantity
Warranty Labor Code (USE: 1 = Diagnosis / 2 = Repair / 3 = Travel / 4 = Other)
Warranty Labor Description – (must be detailed in describing above labor code)
Attachments – (pictures of failed items MAY replace returning items for inspection)
Notes – (use this field to describe any necessary information not otherwise captured)

Once you have reviewed the claim and all required information is included, click “Submit Claim” at the bottom of the form. A claim may take 1-2 business days before it is has been reviewed. All claims will be returned with a final disposition, as well as, a disposition letter mailed to the corresponding dealer. Total processing time may take 1-3 weeks. Any available credit will be issued to the corresponding dealers account.

Online warranty claim processing does in no way constitute warranty approval.
All previous warranty policies must be adhered to in conjunction with online processing.
Information subject to change without notice.
Bestway, Inc. – Hiawatha, Kansas