3 Point Hitch Sprayer


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Product Description
3 Point Sprayer Premium yellow spray tank

Premium yellow spray tank
molded from HDPE to 1.5 SG with UV stabilizers for lasting service.

3 Point Sprayer Fully plumbed spray system

Fully plumbed spray system
comes ready for use with valves, pressure gauge, pump and bypass.

3 Point Sprayer Integrated steel frame

Integrated steel frame
features a corrosion resistant powder coating and parking stands.

3 Point Sprayer Heavy duty nylon straps

Heavy duty nylon straps
secure the tank to the frame and detach to allow tank removal.

3 Point Sprayer Three point hitch coupler

Three point hitch coupler
provides quick hookup on 3 point tractors, compact to standard.

3 Point Sprayer Hypro® PTO roller pump

Hypro® PTO roller pump
delivers convenient mounting, brand reliable performance and power.

3 Point Sprayer Handgun and 25ft hose

Handgun and 25ft hose
allows spot spraying of targets where booms may not reach.

3 Point Sprayer Boomless nozzle attachments

Boomless nozzle attachments
deliver wide swath coverage and extend the reach of boom sprayers.

3 Point Sprayer Breakaway booms to 35ft

Breakaway booms to 35ft
with 20in nozzle spacing are ideal for small to mid sized applications.

Part #GallonsBoom Option
3P55-1400PL551400 PL Boominator
3P55-4R554 Row Boom
3P55-BJ555880 Boomjet
3P55-BXT55XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P55-HAM55#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P55-KLC-1855KLC-18 Nozzle
3P110-1870FL1101870 PL Boominator
3P110-6R1106 Row Boom
3P110-8R1108 Row Boom
3P110-BJ1105880 Boomjet
3P110-BXT110XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P110-HAM110#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P150-1870FL1501870 PL Boominator
3P150-6R1506 Row Boom
3P150-8R1508 Row Boom
3P150-BJ1505880 Boomjet
3P150-BXT150XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P150-HAM150#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P200-1870FL2001870 PL Boominator
3P200-6R2006 Row Boom
3P200-8R2008 Row Boom
3P200-BJ2005880 Boomjet
3P200-BXT200XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P200-HAM200#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P200-TXB200Texas Boom
3P300-1870FL3001870 PL Boominator
3P300-35X17L30035' X-Boom & 17L TeeJet Valve
3P300-6R3006 Row Boom
3P300-8R3008 Row Boom
3P300-BJ3005880 Boomjet
3P300-BXT300XT010 Boomless Nozzle
3P300-HAM300#10 Hamilton Nozzle
3P300-TXB17L300Texas Boom & 17L TeeJet Valve
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU B5419038
Manufacturer Best Way AG