12 Volt Spot Sprayer


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Product Description


Spot Sprayer Durable Chemical Tank

Durable chemical tank
built for use with today's products from agriculture grade high density polyethylene.

Spot Sprayer Wide Screw Cap Tank Inlet

Wide screw cap tank inlet
for easier tank access in product filling, rinsing and cleaning when needed.

Spot Sprayer Molded In Handling Grips

Molded in handling grips
provide a secure place to handle the tank when moving and putting in position.

Spot Sprayer 12V Electric Pump

12V electric pump
provides on-demand performance and reliability with convenient electric power.

Spot Sprayer Quality Diaphragm Pumps

Quality diaphragm pumps
from top brands offer chemical durability and power up to 3.0 GPM and 70 PSI.

Spot Sprayer 15Ft Long Spray Hose

15ft long spray hose
gives you the reach and strength for spot spraying pesticides to fertilizers.

Spot Sprayer Handgun Spray Distance

Handgun spray distance
to hit your target with range up to 18ft vertical and 30ft horizontal.

Spot Sprayer Various Handgun Types

Various handgun types
are available to suit your individual application needs.


Part #GallonsPumpSpray Gun
EC-15151.0 GPM 12 VHand Wand
EC-25251.0 GPM 12 VHand Wand
T-15151.8 GPM 12 VHand Wand
T-25251.8 GPM 12 VHand Wand
ST-15151.8 GPM 12 VPistol Grip Gun
ST-25251.8 GPM 12 VPistol Grip Gun
STD-15153 GPM 12 VJetstream Spray Gun, Pressure Regulator & Gauge
STD-25253 GPM 12 VJetstream Spray Gun, Pressure Regulator & Gauge
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU B3294607
Manufacturer Best Way AG
Product Documents Spot Sprayer Manual
Spot Sprayer Technical Data Sheet
Sprayer Dimensions 15 Gallon: 34" L x 16" W x 15" H
25 Gallon: 36" L x 18" W x 19" H
Tank Size (gal.) 15-25
Pump Motor 12 Volt
Pump Power Electric
Pump Type Diaphragm
Flow Rate (GPM) 1-3
Hose Material EPDM Rubber
Tank Specfic Gravity 1.5
Tank UV Stablized Yes
Tank Translucent Yes
Tank Material High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Tank Gallons 15-25
Tank Color Yellow
Tank Drain Yes, 1/2"
Tank Lid 5" Threaded Lid